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Wow, been a long time!

Wow, I just cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. I had gotten so busy with "life" that I haven't had time lately to post any good tips, tools, or mlm information.  But I'll be sure … [Read More...]

Lander App update

Not to long ago I shared a great online tol to create landing pages simply and easily regardless of experience level with Lander App and the fact that they offered a Free Package allowing you to use … [Read More...]

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Create a Blog or Website easily

Okay, I'm a big promoter of having your own blog or website, a blog to me is the simplest form for most anyone to get up a website and share with the world, even if you aren't technical getting hosting and employing wordpress isn't that difficult, but if your looking for something even more simple, more "sophisticated", and with lots of options this is a great one I think I've found just for … [Read More...]


IM Creator Website Builder Update

Just wanted to send out a quick update, several people had recently tried using the link on my recent post of the IMCreator Website Builder and couldn't get it to work and were wanting the correct link. Sorry about that, the link is now correct in the previous post and if you want more information on ImCreator you can go to http://www.imcreator.com IM Creator is a simple tool to build a … [Read More...]

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Thrive with Le-vel and Rhonda Wagner

Thrive™ Why did I chose Le-vel and Thrive   As many people know I’ve been in this industry of Network Marketing and MLM for over 20 years, and while I’ve been fortunate to have some great success, many of them were short lived with prelaunch … [Read More...]