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Wow, been a long time!

Wow, I just cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. I had gotten so busy with "life" that I haven't had time lately to post any good tips, tools, or mlm information.  But I'll be sure … [Read More...]

Lander App update

Not to long ago I shared a great online tol to create landing pages simply and easily regardless of experience level with Lander App and the fact that they offered a Free Package allowing you to use … [Read More...]

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Social Media Interference

I wanted to just do a quick post on social media overload, or I guess I should more accurately say social media "interference". If your are in any type of business online or off, or let's face it most likely just breathing on this planet, you have interactions all over the place with social media.  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and the list goes on... not to … [Read More...]


Create a Blog or Website easily

Okay, I'm a big promoter of having your own blog or website, a blog to me is the simplest form for most anyone to get up a website and share with the world, even if you aren't technical getting hosting and employing wordpress isn't that difficult, but if your looking for something even more simple, more "sophisticated", and with lots of options this is a great one I think I've found just for … [Read More...]

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Australia MLM Launch 2015

So excited! For over the past year I have been LOVING and I do mean LOVING the Le-vel Thrive product line. They have literally changed my life, and I am not just saying that or mean that lightly. I have lost weight, have more energy, sleep better, am … [Read More...]